The “Earthly” Project

What is the Earthly Project?

The Earthly Project is my ultimate dream, which is to create a global writing project where people can tell their stories through the lens of travel and the environment.

I want to build a community of travel lovers who care about the environment and want to share their thoughts and experiences related to environmental issues and world travel perspectives.

My goal is to travel around and find out how people all over the world feel about and interact with their environment. I really believe that through small efforts, conscious choices and a little compassion, that you can help make a difference in this world – all while exploring the amazing things it has to offer.

What Is The Book About?

The book is meant to be inspired by people like you who are not only interested in travelling the world, but also in making it better. So, what exactly does that mean? Well, part of the Earthly Project will be to get input from readers (through questions in blog posts, reader comments, online surveys, polls and email feedback). Through all of these I will gather information and data on what excites and inspires you. I want to build a global community of people like you who can provide their knowledge, insight and stories related to travel, culture, and the environment. Ultimately, I want to answer the following questions through global-community-social-research (yup, I just invented that term):

  1. How do people of different cultures and backgrounds feel about the environment?
  2. Do their actions reflect the way they feel? If not, why?
  3. What are different barriers to environmental consciousness in different countries?
  4. What are people’s personal stories about their natural environment? How do they use it (sustenance, livelihood, recreation)?
  5. How has travel influenced the way people think about other cultures and environments?
  6. What inspires change?

While I may be able to get my ‘nerd’ on and look up some of this information in scientific papers, research studies and other academic resources, I think what is missing in much of the environmental discourse is humanity. The human element of how we feel about, interact with and use our environment. That’s why I want to hear from you! I want real stories from real people.

Our society is facing some of the most complex environmental challenges of our time, and many require global solutions. In order to develop successful global solutions, you need to first understand the complexities of a global problem. Only then, is an effective solution even possible. It is my goal to begin tackling this problem one piece at a time and eventually travel around collecting additional data and information from local sources around the world.

If you have a unique perspective (everyone does!), please share it with me either via email or leave a comment. You can also connect with me through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!



~ Earthly Traveller

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