How to Prioritize Travel (or anything) when ‘Life’ Gets in the Way

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe it is 2020! This is the year of the future – so many movies have been set with “2020” being the destination for a future full of robots, natural disasters and other phenomenon. Hopefully 2020 is really just a year of happiness, peace and progress.

This year is bringing some changes in my life and as I prepare for them, and reflect on years past, I have come across a challenge. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have made travelling a priority in my life throughout all of my 20s and into my 30s as well. But as some of you may already know, life changes over time and circumstances shift. Whether it be marriage, buying a house or having a baby (and those are just the “obvious” ones), life changes and often priorities do too.

While I believe change is a positive and necessary part of a fulfilling life, I also worry that losing the part of myself that longs for far off places and life changing experiences will somehow be selling myself short. I want to move forward while holding on to the part of my past and myself that makes me who I am. I am a world traveller. Travel, and all that goes with it, makes me happy and has allowed me to live a big, exciting and more fulfilling life that I could have imagined. I don’t want to lose that…

So I won’t.

I really think that’s what it comes down to, is a decision to continue to prioritize the things that matter to you (travel or otherwise), in the face of life changes. For example, finding a life partner (or soul mate) that has a passion for the same thing can really help build a lasting, fun and sportive relationship and ensure that you both continue to be true to the things you enjoy. Also, choosing your long term goals (whatever they may be) over short term expenditures or instant gratification (XL double-whip latte anyone?) is really REALLY important. And something many of us are not good at. One thing that works for me is leaving little reminders, trip photos or trinkets around that remind me of the things I want most. It really helps to be mindful of your decisions every day. Now, this is purposely not a New Years resolution post (sorry!), but it is a post about living each day as a choice and acknowledging the things that make you feel alive and happy.

There will always be competing priorities, there will never be enough time or enough money (and yes I 100% acknowledge that travel is a privilege that isn’t accessible to all, but too many people say they can’t when really they can with a little sacrifice). But if you really want it and are willing to make it happen, you can live an amazing life and continue to do those things that you feel passionate about – no matter what age or stage of life you are at.

I wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead and look forward to sharing it with you. Hopefully none of those 2020 movie premonitions come true…. 😐

See the world, make it better.

~ Earthly Traveller

One thought on “How to Prioritize Travel (or anything) when ‘Life’ Gets in the Way

  1. Where did you get so wise at such a young age, Lindsay? I too was in the place that you were when I was younger (that’s why I waited until I was 40 to have my child). I was afraid that my life would turn small and mundane, however that was far from the case. As you articulated, intention and choice are everything. I found several careers throughout my family life that got me jet-setting just the right amount of times to support work-life-travel balance. I was able to work from home, and I had a routine of going to bed by 9:00 p.m. and waking up at 5:00, so that I could work 4-5 hours very early in the morning while my daughter slept, and then squeeze the other couple of hours in during nap and sleep time. Throughout the 18 years of raising my daughter my travel life didn’t miss a beat. In fact, it was greatly enhanced. Like you said, if travel is your priority, you will make it happen.

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