A Hidden Gem – Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estoina, Tallinn is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It boarders Russia, Latvia and the Baltic Sea – the language is Estonian and the currency is the Euro. I visited this beautiful town and to be honest, wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t heard much about Tallinn and hadn’t known anyone who had visited. I will admit that my expectations were low, but wow was I wrong! 

Tallinn was one of the most quaint, beautiful and interesting cities I have seen. The city itself id divided into to sections the upper town (Toompea Hill) and the lower old town. It is a very easy city to visit on your own or you can take a walking tour which includes some of the more prominent churches (Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Toomkirk “The Dome Church”) the Town Hall Square, and the Kadriorg Palace. There are a multitude of cute cafes, beautiful buildings and many local artisan shops. I highly recommend a lazy stroll around the town if you ever find yourself in Tallinn.

Some interesting facts I learned about Estonia include:

 Skype was invented in Estonia, with one of the developers named Jaan Tallinn.
 The first public Christmas tree was displayed in the Old Town Hall Square in Tallinn in 1441. However, the tradition was to dance around the tree and then burn it afterward!!!
 Two of the local cuisines include jellied veal and herring with sour cream – yum…sort of…

So if you ever find yourself in the Baltic region, definitely plan to make a visit to Estonia and spend a beautiful afternoon in Tallinn.  

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