Visiting Denmark – Mermaids, Castles & Theme Parks

If you want to go to one of the happiest countries in the world – go to Denmark! Several independent studies have shown that Denmark has the happiest population of all countries. 😊

The main city of Copenhagen is famous for its statue of The Little Mermaid – from the famous story by Hans Christian Andersen. Many visitors expect this ‘little mermaid’ to be huge, but she is only about 4 feet tall – beautiful nonetheless. Sadly, this statue has been decapitated twice over the years by vandals. Poor Ariel!

There are also a multitude of castles, palaces, churches and canals throughout the city and luckily they can be explored on foot as they are mainly situated in the medieval city centre. Rosenborg Castle was constructed in the 17th century as King Christian IV’s summer home, which now is home the crown jewels. The Old Stock Exchange building has one of the most amazing spires I have ever seen, it is made up of 4 dragons whose tails come together in a spiral and tower up 196 feet over the city. Christiansborg Palace is the location of the Danish Parliament and where the Danish Queen’s Royal Reception Rooms, one of which is covered with the most brightly coloured tapestries that depict more than 1000 years of Danish and International history – it even includes the Beatles! Well worth a visit when in Copenhagen.

One more place that is ideal to see is Tivoli – the world second oldest amusement park. Founded in 1843, it is full of gardens, rides and cafes and souvenir options. Tivoli is also home to the oldest still-operating Ferris wheel and wooden roller coaster. It also has the world’s highest carousel ride “Star Flyer” standing at 262 feet high!

Overall, Denmark is a wonderful country to visit! Interestingly, they are so advanced in their use of renewable energy that they are aiming to be 100% carbon neutral within less than 10 years – likely making them the first country to do so. Also, if you visit the Little Mermaid statue, you will notice a strange triangle shaped building in the distance behind it. This is a state-of-the-art incinerator, which burns local garbage and turns it into electricity. Amazingly, this building has dual purpose – it is also a functioning ski hill that can be used by local residents!

I hope you have the opportunity to visit this forward-thinking yet historically rich country. I am happy that I did and would love to hear what you experienced during your time there.

See the world, make it better.

~ Earthly Traveller

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