Making a Difference: naustið

There is a bright yellow house in the town of Husavik in Northern Iceland. If you find yourself in this part of the word, be sure to visit this yellow house, which is the home of naustið seafood restaurant.

This local culinary success story is one that caught my attention and made me want to experience it for myself. I have to say that the atmosphere was cozy and warm, the food was fresh and delicious and the service was friendly and welcoming. But what really caught my attention, and the reason this restaurant is being featured as making a difference in this world is their policy around food waste.

Too often, I go to a restaurant only to order a dish that comes out double the size of what a reasonable person could eat. Inevitably, I eat until I am full, leaving the remains on the plate. This wasting of food has always bothered me. I used to try to order kids meals to get smaller portions it was told “no” after about the age of 16. I felt that I had no option but to either grossly over eat everything when I’m at a restaurant, or leave food waste behind. Neither option is one I felt good about.

At naustið, there is bright red bold text at the top of their menu that is some of the most unexpected and enlightened narratives I have ever seen. The text simply states that wasting food is unacceptable and that ANY meal on their menu is available in a half portion – for half the price! In all my travels, I have never seen such an offer from a restaurant. I was delighted and immediately ordered a salmon fillet with fresh baked bread and salad. The meal was amazing and, for once, the perfect amount.

So, all this to say two important things. 1. If you ever go to Husavik in Iceland, book a table at this wonderful little place (and try the salmon!). 2. Spread the world about this amazingly forward thinking and sustainable practice. I wish more restaurants offered such an option. It would benefit the patrons dining there, and the planet as a whole.


~ Earthly Traveller

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