The Blue Lagoon: 101

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the 25 wonders of the world and one of Iceland’s most visited sites.

I have to admit, when I decided to go, I was skeptical that I was walking into an overhyped tourist trap. But when I actually got there, I realized why this place has become world renowned. It was a misty blue, warm and inviting, paradise – nestled among moss covered lava rocks. For me, it was a welcome distraction from jet lag and fatigue that was the result of a sleepless red eye flight. So, if you’re considering visiting this landmark spot while in Iceland, see below for highlights of my experience, and decide for yourself!

When To Go

I would definitely recommend making a trip to the Blue Lagoon if you’re ever in Iceland. Going either just before or just after a long flight makes it an especially decadent experience. I visited the Blue Lagoon in late July, during the peak of Icelandic summer. This is also when there are the most tourists so you need to book your spot in advance. For example, when I went to book, in March (!), there were already time slots that were all sold out for the end of July. Crazy, I know.

How To Get There

There are a few options for getting to the Blue Lagoon. First, you can rent a car and drive yourself. It is approximately a 50 minute drive from Reykjavík and a 20 minute drive from Keflavík airport. There is free parking. Second, you can get an airport transfer that includes a 2-3 hour stop at the Blue Lagoon either after you arrive or before you depart Iceland. Third, you can take a shuttle bus from Reykjavík to and from the Blue Lagoon. It is easy, comfy and inexpensive. Also, with frequent departures (every hour), you can decide how long you want to stay!

What to Bring

What do you NEED to bring with you to the Blue Lagoon? The truth is really nothing. They provide you with a locker and a towel. If you don’t have a bathing suit, they have rentals. If you want a robe, they have rentals. If you want to eat, they have restaurants (well, I guess you would need your wallet…), if you want to drink, they have a swim up bar in the Lagoon. If you want a massage they have massage therapists available (you can even get a massage on a floating bed in the Lagoon!!). You really don’t need too much to enjoy your time here….except money. You may need to budget a little more money than you first thought as it is rather expensive to rent all of the amenities and enjoy a nice meal and drinks. *warning, all of Iceland is quite expensive to visit, so be prepared*$$$*

What To Do

When you visit the Blue Lagoon there are actually lots of options for how you want to spend your time. There is the Lagoon itself (obviously), where you can float around for hours in the warm blue waters. Then there are the saunas and steam rooms that can keep you sweating (if that’s your thing), and a waterfall to stand under. You can get a free face mask that leaves your face chalky white (until you wash it off) and then oh so soft. You can pay for an “upgraded” mask but I didn’t and I loved my free face mask!

The Lagoon also has its own swim up bar that is quite popular. My beverage of choice was a sparkling strawberry wine that was just delicious! There are also relaxation areas where you can rent a lounge chair and relax while staring out at the Lagoon. You can book a spa treatment as part of your visit. For massage treatments you can select either inside the main building or out in a private section of the Lagoon where you get to float around (I wish I had actually done this – oh well, next time :)!). In addition, you can book a reservation to have lunch or dinner at Lava Restaurant or Moss Restaurant at one of two onsite restaurants or even opt to stay over in he newly renovated hotel!

Final Thoughts

In a country where here is so much to see and do, the Blue Lagoon should have a special place on every travellers itinerary. Misty blue waters lie in stark contrast to the jagged lava rocks. Inside, the warm waters envelope you in blissful relaxation while you sip on sparking wine. In other words, heaven.


~ Earthly Traveller

*Please note, I have no affiliation with Blue Lagoon, I just think it’s wonderful and hope you do too*

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