The Icelandic Pledge

As I’m trekking through Iceland, I have found so many things I want to share with you. I hope to provide advice about what to do, where to stay and where to eat during a visit to Iceland, but before I get to all that, the first thing I wanted to share is: THE ICELANDIC PLEDGE

Funny story, I found a small sign in a cafe beside Glacier Lagoon, as I was pouring myself a tea. The sign was small but it caught my eye right away. It read “The Icelandic Pledge”. Needless to say I had to read on.

I am going to share this pledge with you below because I honestly think it is just wonderful. I hadn’t heard of it before stumbling upon the sign in this small cafe, but I want more people to know about it because it exemplifies travelling responsibly (with a bit of tongue and cheek humour) – right up my alley!!


I pledge to be a responsible tourist.

When I explore new places,

I will leave them as I found them.

I will take photos to die for,

Without dying for them.

I will follow the road into the unknown,

But never venture off the road.

And I will only park where I am supposed to.

When I sleep out under the stars,

I’ll stay within a campsite.

And when nature calls,

I won’t answer the call on nature.

I will be prepared for all weathers,

All possibilities and all adventures.


So, if you’re travelling to Iceland, take the pledge and be a responsible tourist when visiting this beautiful country!


~ Earthly Traveller

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