Preparing for Adventure: Iceland & Greenland

landscape of iceland with northern lights

I. Am. Excited.

In just over three weeks I am heading out on an adventure through Iceland and Greenland!

As I prepare, I realized that there really is a lot to do in terms of prepping, planning, booking and packing. There are some unique elements to travelling to these places – especially true for Greenland! These are some of the things I have on my to-do list as I prepare for this adventure. If there is anything I am missing or helpful advice from my fellow traveller’s, please contact me or leave a comment!

Research & Discover

One thing I have been doing is a lot of research. I have seen beautiful photos of both of these places but didn’t truly understand the history, natural environment or cultures in the way I wanted to. So, I took to the internet and have become a whole lot more informed (yay!). I believe that while capturing beautiful photos of a place is important – okay, very important – it is also vital to try to dig a little deeper and understand the people and places you are going to visit. Researching not only gives you a good starting point, it also allows you to find obscure facts and interesting places that you may not have discovered otherwise. Where did my research lead me? You’ll see… 🙂

Find & Book

Although this may not be true for all destinations, I have found that both Iceland and Greenland are places that require a bit of prep, planning and advanced booking. Especially, since I am going during peak season in the middle of summer, things book up, FAST! For example, I was looking into booking a spot to visit the infamous Blue Lagoon in Iceland and more than 4 months to the date I was considering, there were already sold out time slots! Whaaaaa?! Not going to lie, this put me in a bit of a panic and I went on a booking frenzy. Greenland is even more remote and things book up there (including flights) often months in advance. Curious about what I am going to see and do there – check back soon!

The silver lining? I have done so much planning and booking that I can now sit back and relax and get super excited about whats coming my way. No last minute disappointments, no being turned away form the experience of a lifetime; now I can just chill out and get my ‘zen’ on.

But wait…I have to pack!

Gear & Packing

This one is tough. I have been looking at a bunch of different gear that may or may not be required for this trip. Fortunately, I have received great advice from people about where to go, what to do and what to wear. I also have a bunch of gear from a trip to Peru where I was hiking in the Andes. Awesome hiking boots – check! Cool weather hiking clothes – check! Backpack – ummm…well…this one has been tough for me. I have been so focused on picking the perfect backpack for my endless travels, that I can’t commit to just one, and so I end up borrowing bags from friends EVERY SINGLE TIME. Alas, it is time that I suck it up and take a leap of faith that whatever pack I choose to be my partner in travel crime, it will be everything I hoped for and more. Too much to expect? Hence, my problem in the first place. That being said, any of you savvy traveller’s out there, advice on what backpacks you use and why you love them would be so so helpful.

Money & More Money

Unfortunately, in my experience, you won’t find either Iceland or Greenland on anyone’s “budget travel list”. Why? Because they are crazy expensive places to visit! That being said, I am sure that the experience is more than worth it, but I have made some effort to be budget-minded whenever possible. One thing I am going to do is bring some snacks with me for the road (protein/travel bars, nuts, etc.) and hit up a local grocery store to grab some things to make easy lunches. I have read countless articles and blog posts from traveller’s who have come home and freaked out at how much money they spent eating in Iceland. I will let you know how my adventure goes and will be sure to provide cost-cutting tips without sacrificing your experience. Stay tuned!

So, that’s what I am working through right now. I have a whole bunch of things to take care of before I hit the road. Next, I am going to research the abundant wildlife and geological significance of these amazing places. As always, my goal is to SEE THE WORLD and MAKE IT BETTER.

I want to hear from you!

Anyone been to either of these places? Any advice or tips you have for preparing and packing would be awesome!

~ Earthly Traveller

P.S. The amazing feature photo is from Simon Migaj from Pexels! Check him out!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Adventure: Iceland & Greenland

  1. Sounds so exciting. Thankfully from the USA, via WOW and Icelandic Air, the flights can be as low as $300 round trip if you’re prepared to pack light – then spend the money on the ground. We’re holding out for northern lights season!

    1. Thanks guys, I can’t wait! It was honestly so hard to decide when to go – glad your plan is to go in winter and see the northern lights! It has been on my bucket list forever. Would love to hear about it when you make the trek!

  2. I appreciated your suggestions. Like you, I always bring plenty of breakfast bars, nuts, and other snacks. With the backpacks, I always make sure I have extremely lightweight backpack, with a side nylon pocket for my water bottle, and plenty of pockets. Because the clothing etc. can get heavy, I always make sure the backpack is a super light weight one. I love that you do so much research prior. I remember driving three hours in France to find a bakery that I researched. It was insane – in the middle of nowhere. That being said, it was the best bakery I’d ever been to in my life and well worth the extended travel time. I can’t wait to hear more about Iceland and Greenland!

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