Making a Difference: Traveller Collective

I have to say that I was giddy with excitement when I first found out about Traveller Collective – and that was before I realized just how awesome they really are!

Traveller Collective was founded by Darryl, who is now joined by Graham and Jess. Together this super-team developed an amazing product and they have an even more amazing mission – to help the world and make people’s travel dreams come true. They are world travellers who realized that the more they travelled the more they saw the disparities that exist around the world.

“I started Traveller Collective with a simple goal. Create something for people who love to travel and want to do something about these massive inequalities. Something that inspires us to continue to explore this beautiful world, while helping provide the basic necessities of life to those that need it most” – TC Founder, Darryl M.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Traveller Collective produces really unique handmade products that I personally fell in love with and picked up two of them right away! If you’re like me and love to travel and keep a list of the places you have been – this is right up your alley. It is also the PERFECT gift for any world traveller!!

The clip they make is leather (comes in black and brown) and is honestly really nice looking – my suggestion is to either use it as a keychain or clip it your backpack (my plan!). The best part? You then buy metal rings that go onto it and each one is stamped with a different country you have visited. SO. COOL.

You can also put your metal rings on a necklace chain – I have my eye on that too. That way your travels are with you wherever you go, and it’s a cool conversation starter!

On top of creating some really great products, they contribute 20% of profits to social projects and a portion of that goes to helping people who could normally never save up the money to travel. That is a mission that every Traveller can get behind, am I right? Want to learn more? Check out their story and find out about their first “gifting travel” trip!

Also feel free to reach out to the team, because honestly they are super down to earth and all around nice people. My purchase even came with a hand written thank you note!

I am proud to feature Traveller Collective because they really do exemplify the motto “SEE THE WORLD, MAKE IT BETTER”.

~ Earthly Traveller

Note: I have no affiliation with Traveller Collective, I just support their products and their cause. Spreading the world to help make the world a little better.

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