Is this the one? The art of falling in love – with a place

Is it Love?

Have you ever had that feeling? When you just know you are experiencing something special?

I have! I bet you have too.

Is it love or is it lust…?

The kind of feelings I am referring to are not inspired by a beautiful stranger, instead they are inspired by a beautiful place. If you have ever found yourself travelling to a new place and you are suddenly overcome with this intense desire to see and do everything you can, to learn every detail and to experience all that this new place has to offer – well you just might be in love.

The first time this happened to me was when I was visiting Paris for the first time. Somewhere between realizing that French bread is heaven-on-earth and feeling weak in the knees at the sight of the Parisian architecture, fashion and, well, everything else…I knew I was a goner.

For me, this love affair has never ended. In fact, I have visited Paris six times since then and I am still completely enamoured. The funny thing is that I still have a hard time explaining exactly what it is that is so captivating for me. It’s really more of a feeling than anything else. It makes me feel like I am at peace, like I belong and like I can’t possibly get enough. No matter how many times I go back!

Is it Lust?

So, how do you know if it’s love? Like I said, for me it is something intangible, impossible to define. But maybe for you, you know exactly why you love a particular place – or maybe several places. Yes, this is allowed *wink*.

I for one have fallen for several places, loving them at different times in my life for different reasons. When I went to the Hawaiian Islands for the first time, I thought that I had never imagined somewhere so beautiful. Then, I went to Peru and I was overwhelmed by the rugged and raw beauty of the Andes mountains and ancient structures built by the Inca. In reality, I have probably fallen in love with almost every place I have visited on some level. That being said, there are those places that really stick with you.

Maybe that’s the difference between lusting after some new destination versus a lifelong love affair – what do you think?

How to Find the One

Let’s play a game. If you had to pick only one country to visit (other than the one you live) for the rest of your life, which would it be?

This is a good test to help you ‘find the one’ – to find that place that changes you and keeps you coming back for more.

To be honest, I don’t like this game – the thought of having to visit only one place and miss out on the rest of this beautiful world makes me feel sad. But if I absolutely HAD to pick, I think my place would be France. For one, it has Paris. Secondly, it has my favourite foods – bread, cheese, wine and chocolate. Third, it has beautiful mountains AND the Mediterranean beaches. Last but not least, it has that certain “je ne sais quois”. So take some time to play this game as what I have found is that the more I travel the harder it is to answer the question because you realize just how many spectacular places there are in this world – all of them deserving of our love and respect.

So, open your eyes, keep travelling and you’ll find the one.


~ Earthly Traveller

One thought on “Is this the one? The art of falling in love – with a place

  1. Hmmmm… interesting game. I struggle with choosing. I love Lake Tahoe, Switzerland, Germany and the Pacific Northwest. Bottomline, I love mountains by water. As far as places, snorkeling in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef was pretty amazing, but swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii was also really awesome. Life offers us such a smorgasbord of destinations…for this I am deeply grateful!

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