What’s Your Travel Style?

Do you think you know your travel style? Are you a tried and true budget backpacker or do you prefer the lap of luxury? Well, I know that I have dabbled in many different types of travel and I have to say that there are pros and cons to all of them! It can be fun to think about how we feel about travel and it can also be good to let go of some of the preconceived notions we have about certain “types” of travellers. In my opinion, there is room for many different types of travel in life, at the very least – don’t knock it until you try it, you might surprise yourself.

Take the Test

So, what kind of traveller are you? Answer a few key questions (have fun with it!) to find out. Based on your travel style, I will recommend a location for you to add to your “must-see” list and I will suggest an activity to give back and protect the beautiful planet that we as travellers get to enjoy.

Q1: What would you describe as the perfect sleep:

  • A: Outside, under the stars
  • B: Soft and comfy king size bed
  • C: A quaint locally-owned apartment or B&B
  • D: Sleep? What sleep? I wanna party all night long!

Q2: How do you prefer to get around?

  • A: Walking and carrying all my own stuff
  • B: Private jet – kidding, sort of..
  • C: Whatever the local custom is – rickshaw anyone?
  • D: Surrounded by friends!

Q3: What kind of food do you like?

  • A: Anything I can cook over an open flame
  • B: Michelin: 1, 2 or 3 stars
  • C: Local street-style food
  • D: Tapas style – for sharing!

Q4: If you could only choose one activity, it would be:

  • A: Hiking or mountain climbing
  • B: Sightseeing by private car or boat (with air conditioning!)
  • C: Wandering aimlessly – oh, look a local market!
  • D: Partying with locals and other travellers – the more the merrier

Q5: You would describe your travel ‘planning’ tactic as:

  • A: Drive into the middle of nowhere – bring a map
  • B: Have someone plan all the glamorous details for me
  • C: Ask the locals once I’m there – they know best
  • D: Group trips and tours – all the way – no planning necessary

Check out your Answers

Mostly A’s:Wild Wanderer – there is no question, you prefer to be outside and at one with nature. You are happiest when hiking, camping and exploring the world on foot. Although you are totally fine with the occasional hotel or hostel, you prefer to sleep under the stars and sit by a fire with your fellow travellers.

  • Where to visit? PERU – Hike to Machu Picchu and sleep in a tent in the Andes.
  • How to Make the World Better? Be a volunteer tree planter – enjoy the outdoors and help the planet.

Mostly B’s:Luxury Lover – you prefer the finer things in life and that includes your travel plans. If given the choice, you prefer comfortable well-maintained hotel rooms and prefer to get around by plane or car. That’s not to say you don’t have an adventurous side (you do!) but you want to come home after a day of exploration and find some creature comforts.

  • Where to visit? MALDIVES – glass bottom huts woohoo!
  • How to Make the World Better? Donate to your favourite environmental organization or organize a classy charity event to raise funds for a good cause.

Mostly C’s:Simple Seeker – you are a contented traveller, interested in what your surroundings have to offer. You like simple accommodations that have a little local flair and you don’t shy away from new experiences, like taking public transit in a city where you don’t speak the language.

  • Where to visit? ITALY – local villas, old hotels and a bit of charm.
  • How to Make the World Better? Volunteer to help a local community organization that does environmental work or help promote local goods and services to other travellers – going local and going green are good for the planet.

Mostly D’s:Super Socialite – you thrive on having lots of people around at all times. Think hostels, late night parties and group outings. You can go with the flow, as long as you’re surrounded by friends and acquaintances you aren’t too picky about where you stay or how you get from place to place.

  • Where to visit? GERMANY – during Oktoberfest (cheers!).
  • How to Make the World Better? Get a group of friends together for a day of picking up trash – whoever gathers up the most garbage wins (and buys drinks later)!

A Little of Everything: If you answered a little of everything then you really have unlimited options when thinking about how you want to travel! A little luxury today, a little roughing it tomorrow. Just realize that not all of your fellow travellers will have your ability to enjoy all kinds of travel – ask and plan accordingly to avoid any issues.

  • Where to visit? ANYWHERE – close your eyes and wherever your finger lands on the map, go there!
  • How to Make the World Better? Since you are an anything goes kind of traveller, you have a ton of options to give back and protect the planet – volunteer, donate time, fund-raise, go local – the options are endless. Maybe try a little of each?!

Well, that was fun! Hope this lightened up your day, gave you a laugh and helped you dream of faraway places.


~ Earthly Traveller

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