Let’s Talk Travel: Places To Go


If you’re here I assume you either want to travel the world, or you already do (congrats!).

One thing about world travel is that there are some places EVERYONE knows about.

Ever heard of France? Italy? Australia?

Of course you have – these places are highly travelled and often talked about.

But what about the parts of the world that are less well known? The countries and cities that few people and fewer travellers venture? Now before you stop me and say that there are people who have been to every county – I know, but most people haven’t. Which is sad because there are some amazing and lesser known places out there too.

In order to protect our planet, we need to know about all of the weird, wonderful things it has to offer. So, I am going to feature a different country on my blog each week where I will provide useful information for travellers and those who just want to learn a little bit more about our world.

Sound good?

If there is a particular place you want to know more about, leave a comment and I’ll do the research and post it on the blog! The goal is that eventually we will have covered all of the different countries in the world – just think of how informed you will be, and how brilliant you will sound at dinner parties: “Have you heard of Andorra, its a small country in Europe (between France and Spain) with only 85 inhabitants and a couple of ski resorts”.

But seriously, knowing things about the world we live in is important and if I can help spread the knowledge (and the love) of this beautiful planet, then I’m happy. Who knows, maybe one of these “Let’s Talk” features will inspire you to visit somewhere spectacular!

Andorra – here I come!


~ Earthly Traveller

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