The Secret to Life – L.I.V.E.

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Life is tricky. It can really suck sometimes. It can also be pretty amazing.

The key to life, and I mean a truly awesome, inspiring, fulfilling, amazing life – is to L.I.V.E.

Yes, that’s it.

When I say “LIVE” what I mean is that when you wake up everyday think about these four things:





I believe that the truest way to live your most amazing life – whatever that means for you – is to LIVE. Let me show you how and tell you a little bit about my journey on the path to live an awesome life (spoiler – I am still working at it, a journey in progress).


Don’t worry I won’t get too mushy here. When I say that love is one of the keys to an awesome life I don’t mean that once you find your soulmate everything is peachy. Actually, the love I am referring to is much more broad that a single life-partner. I mean the kind of love that can sweep you up in a moment, when you realize that this new country/city/place your visiting feels like your second home. Or the love you feel for a baby elephant at a rescue sanctuary. Or even the love you feel toward a kind stranger who helped you find your way. This love is of course in addition to the friend – family – partner love that most people would immediately think of. The interesting thing about this other type of love is that it can sneak up on you, it can be fleeting and that’s okay. I have fallen in love with sea turtles in Mexico, a baby lamb in the Andes mountains, the streets of Paris, and many of the friends that I have made during my travels. So let the love in! You won’t regret it.


This one is really big for me. In fact, if I had to choose only one of the L.I.V.E. principles it would be inspire. This is partly because of the dual meaning of the word. Inspire means that in order to really truly live a fulfilling life you must both be inspired and inspire others. I find that opening up myself to the world and allowing myself to let go of judgement, fear and uncertainty, I can be inspired by all of the amazing people, beautiful places and the general awesomeness of life. Not only does this drive me to live a better and more fulfilling life, it makes me want to inspire others. If I can spend my life helping people realize their own beauty, and achieve their dreams of world travel while protecting and respecting our planet I will truly have lived an amazing life. Let’s go out and be inspired!


We all have our own set of values, and no matter what those values are, they are important in helping us choose a path that leads us to our best life. I have always valued the natural environment and felt a responsibility to try to help protect and preserve it, so this particular value needs to be part of my life in order to feel fulfilled. This is part of why I created Earthly Traveller – I wanted to combine my passion for travel, love for the world, and environmental values into one place. So what do you value? Hint: there is no wrong answer here. If you value something be sure to try to incorporate it into your life and be true to yourself – it can be all to easy to adopt others values as our own, even when they may not be how we truly feel. Finally, value yourself enough to focus on what you want and start making your dreams a reality, because you are totally worth it. Value your own awesomeness!


This one has been the inspiration of countless quotes about living life to the fullest, taking chances and living without regrets. Our experiences can define us, they can shape who we are and who we become. Although not all experiences are good, they can often teach us important lessons. I remember reading about an interesting experiment in New York City where researchers asked people what their biggest regrets were. More than 95% of people who participated said that their biggest regret was something they DIDN’T do. That shows that people who take chances, seize opportunities and follow their dreams (even if they fail or make mistakes along the way) are far less likely to live with the regret of NOT doing. This philosophy has provided me with the courage and insight to say yes to new and different experiences. For me, my bucket list provides an amazing way to stay focused on my dreams and goals and to try to turn them into my everyday reality. Almost all of the things on my bucket list are experiences and even though I have crossed a lot of them off (rafting in the Andes, surfing in Hawaii, ziplining in Costa Rica) I have so so much more I want to do. So go make your own bucket list – even just a few things to get started, you’ll be surprised at just how fast this list grows – and start having experiences of a life time so you wont be one of the 95% who say they regret the things the didn’t do.

Now go out and L.I.V.E.

I want to hear from you!

I want to hear about how you L.I.V.E. your best life (or how you want to). What is an inspiration or experience that you have had in the past year?


~ Earthly Traveller

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