Welcome to Earthly Traveller!

To introduce you to Earthly Traveller, I wanted to talk about the inspiration behind the motto: SEE THE WORLD, MAKE IT BETTER.

So let me ask you:

What if you could change the world?

Most of us dismiss this idea all to quickly with thoughts of “Who me? What can I possibly do?” or “Meh, it’s too hard”.

But I am here to tell you that you absolutely can and it’s really not hard to do.

In fact, you are already changing the world each and every day. The simple fact that you exist means that you are impacting the planet that we all call home. All of us make changes, big and small, each and every day. From the type of car you drive, to the clothes you wear and the foods you eat, we all impact the Earth in very real ways. The key here is that we can choose what kinds of changes we want to make.

Now I am not talking about huge life altering changes, like selling everything you own and living off the land in a remote part of the world – but if that’s what you’re into then by all means, do it! What I am talking about is the small changes that can really add up to make a big impact. And the good news is there are soooooo many ways to make positive changes that not only help the planet but also make you feel awesome and let you have fun!

So if you’re not the type to abandon society and live ‘off gird’ – that’s okay! There are a limitless number of ways to help change the world. I am going to give you a list of some conventional and not so conventional ways to help change the world – for the better! P.S. They’re fun AND fulfilling.

LEARN: change the world through education

Believe it or not learning is a great way to help make the world a better place. By learning about the world and how it works you are able to appreciate everything around you. We often fear what we don’t understand, this can be true of different places and cultures. By learning about all of the amazing people and places that exist on this Earth you become more understanding, more accepting and are able to share your knowledge with the world. I know my journey included developing a passion for the environment while I was in school, which inspired me to get a Ph.D. in Environmental Science. Now this is crazy extreme, you definitely do not have to get a doctorate to understand the world we live in. There are many ways to learn about our planet, for example books and documentaries are a wonderful start (the BBC Planet Earth series is one of my favourites!), but nothing is quite like going out and experiencing the world firsthand.

TRAVEL: change the world through adventure

There is nothing quite like the experience of travel. It can transform the way you see, think, feel and interact with the world. I know that through my adventures (25 countries and counting!) I have had the privilege of seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes and the most amazing wildlife. It is through my travels that I developed a profound respect for the environment. The more I travelled, the more I wanted to explore the natural wonders while working to protect it at the same time. It is no secret that tourism can be detrimental to the environment, causing lasting damage. The good news is that there is also opportunity to help preserve and protect the beautiful places and creatures that inspire us to travel in the first place. By doing a little research (or reading this blog!), you can choose travel options that aim to help the environment. In fact, it is this philosophy that is the foundation of Earthly Traveller – See the World, Make it Better.

SHOP: change the world through style

This one may seem odd – how can you change the world by buying stuff? Well, as I mentioned earlier everything we do on a day to day basis helps to shape the world we live in. If you choose to be conscious of what you are buying then you can actually have a positive impact (yay)! So, the next time you are somewhere remote and exotic, choose to buy, stay and eat local. Support local communities and local businesses whenever possible, and choose to book with companies that donate a portion of their profits to environmental protection and sustainable travel. More on this to come!

VOLUNTEER: change the world through experience

Shopping not your thing? There is a huge and constant need for capable and awesome people (yes, that’s you) to volunteer their time for environmental causes. I am not saying you need to go chain yourself to a tree but you can definitely provide a helping hand to a community or group in need (local or abroad). Luckily, there are volunteer opportunities all over the world and it doesn’t take long to find organizations willing to help you find the perfect opportunity. Whether you want to help dig a well, build homes or protect wildlife, there is no shortage of help needed. Volunteer = make the world better.

DONATE: change the world through funding

Last but definitely not least, donations are a wonderful way to give back and make the world a better place. It doesn’t have to be a large sum, it can be whatever you can manage; any amount helps. One thing I started doing several years ago is donating on behalf of my family members every year for Christmas. It is a simple, yet impactful way to help make the world a little better. I will be highlighting many of these in my #MakeADifferenceMonday blog posts to spread the world about some amazing organizations.

So, as you can see the options are limitless. It turns out, you can change the world for the better and still have an awesome fulfilling, fun-filled life! I can show you that you can be environmentally conscious and have a love of travel, shopping and other things. Personally, I have spent a lot of time thinking about and struggling with this issue. On one hand, I want to protect the environment, but on the other nothing makes me happier than wandering through the streets of Paris munching on baguettes and pastries. In the end, my passion is to experience all that the world has to offer and do it in a way that respects, appreciates and preserves the environment whenever possible. I want to say that I am not perfect – nobody is. I do things that harm the environment all the time – not always using a reusable mug, driving a gas-engine car (on the wait list for a Tesla), and getting on plenty of airplanes! But that’s not the point, the point is that if we can get to a place where we care enough to make small efforts, that will end up resulting in huge impacts over time. I want to help you realize the awesome power of micro-changes. I want to help you realize your potential as a true agent of global change. You CAN change the world AND have a great time doing it! So, what are you waiting for – the world is calling…

I want to hear from you!

I want to hear from you guys. Tell me something you have done recently (big or small) to change the world, or tell me something you WANT to do and let’s make it happen.


– Earthly Traveller

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  1. I really like your approach to how you love the world and that I don’t have to do any major changes to make a difference. Changing the world sounds very intimidating but maybe I can make some smaller changes in my “own world” and that could inspire others to do the same – and if we do that then bigger changes will naturally happen!!! Very cool thoughts! Love this #earthlytraveller Subscribed!

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